Take the Putting Test

Take the Putting Test

When it comes to scoring, which part of the game do you consider to be the most important?
A Sub-conscious in stroke correction is a common way to recover from a poor green read.
What is the most important quality you look for in a putter?
If something in your stroke feels natural and easy, it will probably help you to make more putts.
Which aspect of putting has the most effect on your score?
Moment of Inertia of a putter is a measurement used to determine the amount of twist resistance the head will have on off center hits.
Which stroking method is considered to be more dependable?
Spot putting, (aiming at a point on the green,) promotes putter head manipulation during the stroke.
What would you consider to be the correct order of importance for a successful putt to occur?
All things being equal, fast greens will break more than slow greens.
What is the main reason for keeping your eye on the ball when putting?
Standing with your eyes parallel to the aim line (over the ball at address), is the best position you can be in when lining up a putt.
What is the greatest advantage to increasing a putter heads MOI?
Touch and feel in putting equates to making a visual distance assessment followed by energy application to the ball.
Green reading skills can improve if you can improve on your putting mechanics and consistency.
The distance a ball rolls is determined by the amount of energy generated with the putter that is then transferred to the ball.
Touch and feel along with muscle memory,are not reliable without solid, repeatable mechanics.
The grooves on a putter face can produce over spin that will help the ball to hold the line as it rolls.
What is the only way to increase the Moment Of Inertia (MOI) of a putter head.
Increasing Moment Of Inertia will increase the sweet spot size of a putter.
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