Hello, my name is Britton  Munoz. I am a 52-year-old visually impaired golfer. I am legally blind and my vision is very blurry.  I recently purchased a L2 traditional putter and have been using it for the last four days. I am still getting used to the weight but my putting has become more accurate  and improved. I actually shot in 93 on Monday and my putting helped or four-man team take first  place in  our Tuesday League tournament.  I am so excited to get use to it and use it more.  The more comfortable I get with it see how much better my short game can be. you made a great product.  Additionally, the white  alignment lines are great  for  A visually impaired golfer  My coach aligns the alignment lines since the putter stands up and then I get behind and putt, You have a great product


Hi John,

I must attest to the great design of these putters. The physics principles behind the weight and size of this putter is so simple, yet still relatively untouched in the golf industry. The idea behind a consistent and stable putting stroke is easy – take your hands and wrists out of the stroke and use the large muscles of your body (shoulders and arms paired with a stable lower body). The weight of the L2 forces you to only use these larger muscles of the body and the result is an effortlessly smooth and consistent “pendulum” putting stroke. I strongly recommend this putter for any golfer that struggles with the wrists breaking in the back swing. I personally love to use my practice time to pair the L2 Putter with a Dave Pelz training aid – see our Putting Tips and Tricks. Article for more information.

Shawn F CEO – Rain or Shine Golf

Hi John,

Just a quick update,

I won my age division in the Arizona Golf Association Northern Amateur this pas weekend. I did not have my best ball striking but my putting was great! In fact, the second day I think I only took 12 or 13 putts on the back nine! I made about a 7 foot very fast downhill putt on the 17th hole and about a 10 foot birdie putt on 18 to win by two shots! I can safely say that my putting won me the tournament. Thanks again for your help.

sincerely yours,

Dave R.

FYI: I have had 3 or 4 guys ask me for your website and I know one ordered two putters from you!

Dear Mr. Ambrose, My name is Anton. I live in Australia I bought a traditional and the longer putter from you 2/ 3 years ago I love them , transformed my game I used to hate putting and I say again I absolutely was gripped with fear with putting but having used the traditional putter I actually love and look forward to putting :) to you sir I say thank you ever so much :) Now I love your product so much that I if I can would love to have the license rights to your product in Australia as well as Asia. If not Asia at least Australia :) Hope to hear from you soon again thank you you so much. Yours sincerely a very happy person

Hey John, Just wanted to say how much I love the L2 MOI Maxx putter with the XL grip. This has and will ever change my putting. The fact it stands upright by itself behind the ball, makes sure I am always lined up correctly is a huge plus. I never have to second guess my line. All I have to do is maintain the right back swing and follow through like a pendulum and it's as good as in. I looked at other heavy, high MOI putters, some were way too complicated with all the weights, this one is perfect and so happy I bought it. I tend to always be around the hole if it doesn't go in on long putt sand short putts within 5-7 feet, I feel I can drain them all. You have a customer for life and keep doing what your doing because its fantastic."

John, I cannot fully describe how much I enjoy putting with the L2. When I first got it three years ago and still to this day I get remarks about the size of the putter head, length of the shaft and remarks about putting from the side. Do I care…nope, not when I’m putting in birdies and pars with an occasional bogey. Used to be bogey, bogey and a par. I don’t believe there has or ever will be a putter made that always performs perfectly,but when I putt from 15 to 30 feet and consistently leave the ball within two to three feet of the hole from difficult lies I’m a happy man! Thanks for the best club in my bag.

Have been using my L2 all season now and steadily getting more confidence minimizing three putts but importantly increasing numbers of one putts per round and average putts per round by 3-4 over last year ( on a "bad " day). Led to winning club Super Senior championship, Scioto Reserve Golf Club , Powell, Ohio. The distance accuracy overtime is astonishing with the recent round range 9-42 feet (ave. proximity 19.4 feet) and second putt range 1/2-4 feet ( ave. 1.3 ft). No one is laughing anymore! Thanks a million.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed using the L2 Traditional Putter. I have seen a dramatic improvement in my putting since using the L2. The extra wide face makes it easier to line up the putts and has improved my consistency in the direction of the putts. The weight of the head helps keep my swing slow and methodical, making my distances more accurate. The free standing feature is an added bonus for double checking my line before putting. What I appreciate most is the excellent customer service. After trying the L2 and finding that the standing position just wasn't working for me, John was very accommodating and made switching out the putters very easy. Thanks for all your help and advice!"

"John ... I am enjoying ... funny word for putting .. using your L2. It took awhile to develop the confidence and let the putter swing freely. I play with a regular group of all men. The "snide" comments have disappeared. When I play with strangers, they comment on how close I come to the hole on long putts... I particularly like aiming and not obsessing. I used to use a ball with a line and had to continually put it down and standup and readjust the ball...I hope your business is succeeding and again am grateful for your visit and help."

"I am 69, and Saturday at the Golf Club of Dublin I shot my career round 68. 30 putts, 6 one putts for birdies the closet was 6 feet and ranged to 24 feet. My playing partners who laughed and giggled at me when I first showed up with the L2 weren,t laughing Saturday. I no longer feel apprehensive facing those 6-8 footers and have extreme confidence on the long distances that I will reasonably be inside three to four feet for the easy second. All I can say is WOW and thank you for an amazing product. I will be playing on the Golf Channel and Golf Week Senior Am Tours this year and can't wait to get different results from my new and amazingly different putting approach."

"For "facing the hole" putting (hence a generalization of that methodology] there are basically two styles or processes :

1. the L2 method (pendulum/gravity feed stroke) with an implement [putter] relative to that concept

2. the face on/sidesaddle method (basically standard equipment [putter], altered to allow for standing face on.

Having practiced extensively with both, and played enough on the course with both, I believe that the L2 approach is superior. If we take away the scientific reasoning and simply focus on the putting stroke and results, the L2 method is "simpler" and all about feel & trusting the putter, whereas the face on/sidesaddle method requires the "creation" of a stroke.

In comparison it really comes down to stroking versus hitting (in the same order therefore heavy versus light). The heavier weight allows for a pendulum action where the lighter weight means feeling the positions of the stroke and "hit".....

As you know I have expressed to you in the past my difficulty with shorter putts resulting from the weight of the L2. Some days when I don't feel as good with the putter I will turn around and putt side on,[conventional], with the putter anchored to my chest for short putts. That's successful and there are 2 points of it that interest me:

1). Even from the side on position I find the gravity downswing is perfect. I just feel I turn my shoulders back and let the putter swing down.

2). I am finding less and less need to switch - i.e my results on shorter putts are improving.

That's another reason I am not going to experiment away from L2 now. I want to give it a maximum chance and hence stop changing methods. The switch to side on for short putts is just a nice peace of mind ".

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