L2 Lateral Line


L2 Lateral Line Putter
Conforming Arm anchor modification

The Purest Stroke in Golf

Pendulum Putting at its Best

The Old Course At St. Andrews

The Lateral Line style of putting has been developed to take advantage of the high MOI of the L2 putter and to take golfers to the next level of side saddle putting. The Lateral Line stroke creates a pure pendulum motion that not only surpasses the side saddle stroke, but also improves on the face forward style as well. By allowing the L2 putter to generate the impact energy by using stroke size while maintaining a square face throughout the motion. The need to micro manage your putter is eliminated thus creating a putting stroke that is pure and repeatable.

A consistent smooth, pendulum tempo is another great asset of the Lateral Line putting stroke. The same tempo that only varies in length to determine distance, gives golfers a yip-proof motion. Shoulder rotation supplies the energy, and the L2 putter does the rest. Unlike other styles, the Lateral Line system is all about backstroke. The conventional, Side Saddle , or Face On motion, uses a shortened backstroke in order to maintain club head control. Due to the nature of the restricted motion, this does not allow for enough backstroke freedom to vary distance. This restriction means that the lack of stroke energy will need to be replaced with muscle, not momentum. This "muscle" stroke not only distorts tempo, but opens the door for the effects of Adrenalin, a major factor in producing the yips.

It will require a conscious effort for you to free your backstroke motion in order to create a steady tempo that will accommodate a variety of distances. The weight, head balance, and huge impact zone of the L2, gives you the club head stability that other putters lack. Tapping into this club head "freedom", opens up the backstroke motion allowing for the range in stroke size to vary distance requirements.

The Lateral Line system uses the same mechanics found in a Pendulum Machine thus taping into the same freedom and range of motion. These two elements Together IS the LATERAL LINE SYSTEM , the sweetest stroke in golf .....so take advantage of it!