Tip #1 Club Alignment

Stand the L2 behind your ball marker to determine club alignment.

(Using your ball marker during the alignment process prevents inadvertent ball contact

Tip #2 Body Alignment

Use the L2 alignment marks to align feet, hips and shoulders down the line.

Tip #3 Direction Control

Solid mechanics using arms and shoulders to maintain a square face from backstroke to follow through.

Tip #4 Distance Control

Distance control is a product of depth perception translated into touch and feel. Touch and feel is then translated into stroke size and energy transfer.

Tip #5 Pendulum Tempo

A constant tempo while maintaining a square face from back stroke to follow through will guarantee distance and directional accuracy.

Tip #6 Long Putts (Distance Control)

The stable L2 head design eliminates the need to stare at the ball throughout the stroke. By using your eyes to assess the distance while you putt, you will maximize touch and feel on longer putts.

Tip#7 Head up position

A proper head Up position will parallel your eyes to the ground for a better binocular view of the track line to the cup.

Tip# 1 Conforming arm position
The Stabilizing arm of the Lateral Line Stroke can touch your chest as long as it is not anchored to it. A slight forward press to start the backstroke will guarantee a conforming motion.

Tip#8 eyes on the club (direction accuracy)

For short putts when direction is primary, keep your eyes on the putter head from backstroke to follow-through to guarantee a square face at impact.

Tip# 2 Three count motion
The start of the forward press is the first count in the three count tempo of the LATERAL LINE stroke