This S.A.M. PuttLab result demonstrates the advantages of a 3 1/2 " impact zone when it comes to energy input and directional accuracy.


The most common "first use challenge" that a new L2 owner seems to face deals with the overall mass of the L2. With a club head toe to heel length of 6 1/4" and a weight of over 1 pound, the L2 is probably the heaviest putter most golfers have ever tried.

As a golf instructor, I have taught children as young as 8 years old how to use the L2 who are using the same head and grip with a shaft shortened for their size. They swing it with a full smooth tempo that allows them to make putts of different lengths with amazing consistency and they never comment on the weight. The putter is not too heavy when using a shoulder motion that most kids instinctively and willingly use.

Then why does the L2 seem too heavy for an adult?

When golfers stand in a traditional putting position, the fingers, hands, and wrists,( especially the dominant fingers, hand and wrist), along with the forearms and body turn, are often unintentionally applied during the putting stroke. While these muscle tools are very effective from tee to green, when it comes to putting, this does not provide a consistent stroke.

The small muscles are not dependable when the pressure is on. During our practice putting, these body parts can be quite stable and consistent. But elevate your heart rate and pump in some adrenaline out on the course, and they become vastly different. With over 10,000 nerves endings in the hands, fingers and wrists alone, keeping a putt online along with the proper distance, is extremely difficult when scoring matters most.

Conventional putters are lightweight and small which in turn produces a small sweet spot. They promote the use of the small muscles to maintain control through impact with an emphasis on the dominant hand.

The heavy head, large impact zone, and amazing stability of the L2 works best when you minimize your need to micromanaging the putter. By generating a smooth gravity fed pendulum tempo, the L2’s head weight and size creates a free swinging stable motion and a pressure proof stroke.

Relax and trust the process - and the weight - as you develop a slow, smooth, dependable stroke. The L2 is a simpler way to putt and will lower your score by performing when it really counts... on the course. It's time to make putting the strongest part of your game!