• L2's balance and stability makes short putts a

    L2's balance and stability makes short putts a "No brainer"

  • "Best new putters for 2016" - PGA.com

  • The L2 MOI Max ...Size Does Matter!

    The L2 MOI MAXX ...size does matter!

  • Align Yourself With Confidence

    Align yourself with confidence

  • "Stand alone" design makes alignment and accuracy easy


The L2 MOI MAXX -the “Big-Muscle” Putter - provides maximum stability and distance control.With 620 grams of weight compared to an average putter with 360 grams, the L2 MOI MAXX allows your shoulders to rock freely creating a true pendulum stroke. The sweet zone measures 3.5 inches making the L2 MOI MAXX more forgiving and promotes more solid putter/ball contact and true roll. The stand alone design of the L2 MOI MAXX allows golfers to stand behind the ball and see the track line making alignment easy. The L2’s gravity-fed design makes the putting stroke simple and easy to control. Stop micro-managing your putter and let the L2 MOI MAXX do the work.

L2 Lateral Line Putter

The L2 Lateral Line Putter and the Lateral Line system,  provides the perfect motion for a repeatable and dependable stroke. You’re facing the hole, lining yourself up square to the target and using your shoulder in a pendulum motion. Looking at the target the entire time you perform the stroke maximizes touch and feel and takes advantage of your eye-hand coordination and depth perception. The L2 Lateral Line Putter provides the purest, simplest way to stroke a golf ball.

Best New Putters for 2016 - PGA.com

Our Vision

Most premium putters on the market are designed to cater to looks and feel which are personal preferences.  L2 mallet putters are designed scientifically based on the principles of physics, distance control, and alignment that can actually improve your stroke and putting performance.  It is very difficult to trust a small, lightweight putter.  This causes most golfers to putt with a hitting motion rather than stroking it.The size and weight is where the magic happens with the L2 putter.  The gravity-fed motion of the putter provides maximum stability and optimum distance control. You can trust the size and weight of the L2 putter to take a bigger stroke that creates a true pendulum motion.  The L2 putter is worth the weight.  You will putt with more confidence and lower your scores.

The L2 Difference

What is the Moment of Inertia?

The Moment Of Inertia of a putter is a measurement of its resistance to twisting on off center hits. The Higher the MOI, the more stable the putter will be. To maximize MOI, club head weight needs to be increased as toe to heel width is expanded, to create perimeter weighting which increases the sweet spot zone of the face as it adds a twist resistant stability to the putter throughout the stroke.

This is the L2 Putter advantage.

By combining size and weight to our patented head design, the L2 Putter eliminates off center hits for a consistent touch and feel to maximize the distance and directional control!

Physics Based Features

Head weight 620 grams (average putter 360 grams)

Toe to heel dimensions of 6.25 in. provides maximum stability (average putter is 3 1/2 - 4 in.)

Sweet Spot Zone measures 3.5 in.(average putter is only .7 in.)

Parallel alignment marks frame the track line to the cup

Stand-up capability provides easy alignment from behind the ball

Sole design allows a variable face loft as it supports better body alignment

Insert is composed of Lexan, (same material used for bullet proof glass) along with a durable powder coated head

Worth The Weight

Improve your distance control, alignment and tempo!

Higher MOI for super stability and a solid down-the- line stroke

Stands alone for perfect alignment

Allows for looking at the hole and target line for distance control

Stops twisting, turning &; off-center hits

Largest  “sweet zone” in golf.

Custom grips with a shape and weight for any style preference

“2016 Best New Products - PGA Merchandise Show”

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The Team

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  • Robyn Ambrose - Operations Manager
  • Art Colasanti - Director of Sales
  • John P. Ambrose - Director of Promotions

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